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Las Vegas Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services

Did you know that over 89% of our business is repairing cars and light trucks in Las Vegas? Yes, we are "So much more than a tire store". Why is that? If you think about vehicle repairs and tires, your tires with proper air pressure, regular tire rotations and front end alignments will last you easily 5 years or 50,000+ on most cars and light trucks. You are much more likely to have vehicle repairs such as oil changes, smog checks, brakes, than the tires you need to replace every 50,000 or more miles. We hope to see you every 3 or 4 months for an oil change so we can watch over your vehicle and make sure that you get the life out of your tires and the maximum miles out of your vehicle.

Take us on a Test Drive

Call our Car Repair team in Las Vegas and schedule an appointment at 702-735-7315. If your vehicle is acting unusual and you can't describe the problem without sounding out strange animal noises, ask the store manager to take a test drive to duplicate the problem. It will make the problem solving much easier and leave strange noises to the animals.
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Computerized Maintenance Records

Our company's computer system will help you to keep track of your maintenance and repairs of your vehicles. We have a data base of the work that is done on your vehicle that (barring unforeseen inputting or storage problems) we can access for you should you need information to verify services that we have performed for you.
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Reminder Program

Would you like us to send you an email to remind you to get your next oil change, Free tire rotation, or maintenance services on your vehicles? Our website will help you take care of your vehicle. For more information contact us.
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The Ted Wiens Inspection Program

How do we make sure your vehicle lasts as long as possible? Way back when you could look under the hood of your car and make a visual inspection and perhaps catch an oil leak, frayed belt, or other minor problem. You took it in to your mechanic and he fixed the problem and prevented the failure of the part. Today it is more difficult than ever to be a do-it-yourselfer and handle your own repairs or diagnosis. To help you with your vehicle repair Ted Wiens Tire has prepared a vehicle inspection form that we use to make sure we look at as many of the problem areas as possible. We believe the ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our "inspector" is just that, an inspector. He is trained to inspect your car and give it a thorough once over. We can't catch every little problem but if you aren't looking under that car at the brakes or under the hood at the engine, who is? Ask about our Inspection Form and make sure we give your vehicle the once over. If we can catch that problem early we might just save you a pound of cure.
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Get an Estimate

Any shop of merit will give you an estimate that includes what needs to be done to your car, how long the repair will take, and a list of parts needed and how much they will cost. Ted Wiens Tire and Auto uses Mitchell on Demand as labor guide. These guides provide us with all pertinent part numbers, step-by-step procedures with drawings and schematics, expected labor time and labor rate. Mitchell on Demand is also useful for finding technical service bulletins that may be assigned to your vehicle. Look at our coupons for Las Vegas Auto Repair.
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What we do

We have an extensive service list. Each location may differ slightly depending upon the specialties of the technicians and the space available. Here are a few of our services:

  • Oil changes
  • Check Engine Lights
  • State SMOG Inspections (SMOG repairs)
  • Brakes/antilock braking systems
  • Air Conditioning services
  • Cooling System repairs
  • Transmission Services
  • Batteries and Charging Systems
  • Belts and Hoses
  • Cabin Filter Replacements
  • Alignments (ask about our Lifetime Alignment)
  • Front End Repairs
  • Shocks and Struts
  • Bearing service and replacement
  • Power window replacement and repairs
  • Fuel pump and system repairs
  • Steering pump replacement and repairs
  • Clutch and flywheel repairs
  • Fan unit repairs
  • TPMS warning lights/resetting
  • On board computer reprogramming and diagnostics (most cars)
  • Heavy Duty vehicle brakes

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How do we do it right?

Our technicians

Most of our technicians, service personnel, managers and sales staff have many years of experience, certifications and training in the automotive industry. We continually train and evaluate our staff to insure that you get the best service possible for your vehicle. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding the qualifications or reliability of our service staff.
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Our training

At Ted Wiens Tire and Auto we take a great deal of pride in our technicians and our General Service staff. We support the training of all our service personnel through the Automotive Technology (verify for accuracy) Program at the College of Southern Nevada. We know that new technology is coming from the manufacturers every day. We also have related clinics and training from our suppliers, and the many other sources available.
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Quality Parts for your Vehicle

There are many options in the market for parts, lubricants, and materials used in the repairs of your vehicle. Ted Wiens Tire and Auto Centers take a great deal of pride in using top quality parts that are either original equipment parts from the dealer or parts that meet or exceed the quality of original equipment. When you get an estimate for repairs on your vehicle be sure that the parts that are being used have the quality to give you the service you expect.
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Parts that we replaced are yours to take (some may have a core charge) or inspect. It is always a good idea to ask any shop that works on your vehicle to let you inspect or take the old parts.
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Our warranty

Warranties have very specific legal language that define the terms and conditions regarding repairs and replacement and other limitations. Please see our 11 locations for specific warranties related to tires, parts and labor. Many of our products come with lifetime warranties or mileage guarantees. Ask us for details.
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If you feel that the warranty of the work we have done does not meet your expectations please contact us for clarification. Our goal is to make you a loyal customer.
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Our facilities

Our 11 locations are convenient to most areas of town. Each of our centers has at least 16 service bays loaded with modern equipment to handle your repair needs. Each location has fresh coffee, WiFi, television, a very pleasant staff and a customer waiting area for your convenience. Most locations can drop you off at work or home. Just call ahead and speak to the manager. If the store is not up to your expectations, please contact us.
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Getting a second opinion

We recommend that when we give you an estimate or the results of an inspection that you ask our service staff to show you how they arrived at their conclusion. Don't be afraid to ask them "show me" so that you feel confident in the diagnosis and gain the trust of our expertise in vehicle repairs. If you do not feel comfortable with their recommendations then we suggest that you get a second opinion from one of our 11 locations or from another reputable repair facility. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns that you may have about our services or recommendations.
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Need Service?
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Need Service?
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