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Buying Tires in Las Vegas at Ted Wiens Tire and Auto Centers

What is important to you?

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Long mileage
  • Cost
  • Name brand
  • Tread design
  • Warranty
  • Handling
  • Performance

If you only care about something mostly round and black and holds air and is CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP, than we probably are not the best choice for you. But don't do it. The only thing between your vehicle and the road, the potholes, the slippery street, the gravelly road, the snowy slope is your set of tires.

If you care about the features of your tires that give you the benefits of quality performance, handling, Long mileage then see us for an evaluation of your tire needs.

Evaluating your tire needs is critical to making the right decision about tires for your vehicle. Not all tires are alike and each has different characteristics and features designed to provide you with a different driving experience. Come in and see us today or anytime for a tire evaluation, free air pressure check and tire rotation.

Questions that we need to ask you:

We would like to know your driving habits.
We want to see what the manufacturer says is the proper tire for your vehicle. [You can find that information in the owner's manual or on a placard on the doorjamb. Today's vehicles are very specific about size, load index and speed rating. The tires are engineered specifically for your vehicle. Having tires with the improper size and specifications can create an unsafe condition and severely affect the handling of your vehicle.

  • Long trips and lots of miles annually
  • Up to the ski country
  • Pull a trailer
  • Carry a camper or fifth wheel
  • Wet traction is important
  • Want a smooth quiet ride
  • Off road warrior
  • High speed driving, racing or drifting
  • Want the best in traction, performance and handling
  • Stop and go traffic around town
  • Work truck carrying heavy loads

[You see, not every tire is the same. Where one tire will excel in one characteristic the other will fail. For example for Las Vegas most cars will perform better with a 'summer tire'. These tires are designed for our climate and excel in mileage, dry traction, handling and low noise. However, if you take your vehicle up into the snow you will be slipping and sliding and be very disappointed in the performance of the tires. On the other hand, a winter tire with its unbelievable snow and ice-traction will not give you the mileage or low noise characteristics that you would like to have during the summer driving experience.]

We will help you choose the tire that fits your needs.

  • Brand selections from
    • , and many more.
  • Huge inventory. We stock thousands of tires at our locations. We have three warehouses for restocking and have suppliers locally that can get us virtually any tire within hours.
  • Pricing. We are competitive with anyone in town and will match tire pricing with like products.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed. Any of our tires are guaranteed to make you delighted with your purchase. Try them for a month and if you are not happy with them we will replace them with another one of our products. [some restrictions apply, see our store for details]
  • Warranty. All our tires are guaranteed by the manufacturer to be free from defects in material and workmanship. We also have a Road Hazard Warranty for most tires that will give you additional coverage for tire failure due to road hazards. [see store for details and copies of all warranty programs]

Tire Service

  • Fast and Easy. Once the evaluation is done on your vehicle and we get the tires to fit your needs, the installation of the tires on your car is a fast and easy process.
  • Perfect. Our 'state of the art' equipment does a perfect job of making sure the tires are perfectly mounted and balanced on your rims. We can even check to see that your rims are perfectly round and straight so your ride is as smooth and quiet as it can be.
  • Aligning your car. An alignment will make sure that your vehicle is adjusted to account for the miles of driving and wear and tear out on the road or trail. We recommend an alignment on your vehicle at least once a year or every 12,000 miles. Ask about our Lifetime Alignment available for most cars and light trucks.

Did we answer all your questions and concerns about purchasing tires for your vehicle? Call us at 702-735-7315 to make an appointment today or contact us for more information. With 11 locations in Las Vegas we are just a short drive away.