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Industrial Equipment Repair

Many people ask what Commercial Services is.  It’s BIG Trucks like you see on the highway and construction sights, industrial equipment like forklifts and skylifts, backhoes, front end loaders, large earthmover equipment and yes even as tiny as a wheelbarrow tire .  Pretty much anything other than your family owned passenger car or light truck.

Fleet Auto Repair Services

Do you have a fleet of trucks and equipment?  If so you likely are spending a good deal of your time maintaining your tires and air pressure.  We can help!  Ted Wiens Tire can make a survey of your fleet and help you maintain records on tire usage and air pressure.  Contact us today for a Free Fleet inspection and Onsite tire inspection.

Scrap tire analysis

Okay, your tireman changed out a bunch of tires and heaped them in a pile and wants to toss them away.  But there could be value in those tires!  Ask our commercial tires experts to give you a free scrap tire analysis.  We can help you figure out why your tires wore out and if they have any value for retreading or as a used tire.

Air pressure checks

Increase the mileage on your tires and the fuel consumption by maintaining the proper air pressure in your tires.  We can come to your yard and air up your fleet or you can stop by any of  our three commercial tire centers and have them air up your vehicle.  When you stop in our place for air, it’s FREE.

Drive thru tire services

With three locations in Las Vegas we are very convenient to stop in and get your tires repaired or replaced.  We have the latest in equipment to mount and balance your tires and ensure they are installed properly.

Tire repair

See us for tire repair at your jobsite or at our three locations.  We have a fleet of trucks available to service the Southern Nevada area.  Call our dispatch at 702-873-8116.

Road Service, RV tires, Industrial tire service, Forklifts, Earthmover tires, Retreading tires, Foam filling tires, National Accounts, Any tire, any size, any application.