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Tire Repair in Las Vegas and Car Maintenance Tips

Quality tires cost less - Tennis shoes cost more than tires!! You've seen it where a pair of high quality sneakers are in the hundreds of dollars. Most tires don't cost that much. Yes, the breakthroughs in technology have made tires more durable and uniform in characteristics. That translates to longer life, better handling, and better traction. If one tire costs you $60 and wears out in 20,000 miles and the $80 tire will last you 40,000 miles, it is really a better deal to get the better tire. My experience is that with the better tires you also have the improved features of stopping power, improved traction, better handling and a more quiet ride. With tires, you get what you pay for in many cases. (this tip submitted by Chris Publow) Learn more about our car repair services.

Why tires die - in a tire Business poll that I read, dealers gave the following causes for why they have replaced customers' tires prematurely:

  • Uneven treadwear
  • Road hazard damage
  • Lack of owner maintenance
  • Failure to rotate
  • Consumer neglect
  • Underinflation
  • Shock absorber and alignment problems
  • A regularly scheduled inspection of your tires at any servicing location can help prevent most of these problems. We check tires and there is no charge for tire rotations or air at any of our 12 locations. (this tip submitted by Chris Publow)

Tires lose air - a tirecan lose as much as 1 to 2 psi per month under normal conditions and even more in cold weather according to a number of industry sources. Air molecules - or more accurately, the oxygen molecules in air - can and do migrate through the tire's sidewalls, belts and tread area. It can also lose some air around the bead-wheel interface and through the valve stem or valve mounting spot according to Bridgestone/Firestone. We recommend having your tires checked at least every time you fill up with gas. (this tip submitted by Chris Publow)



Roadside Emergency Kit

"I recommend that everyone carry a roadside emergency kit with them during the Hot Summer months. Your should carry gloves to protect your hands and an old blanket or towel to protect your knees if you need to install a spare tire on the side of the road. You should have a flashlight in case you’re working at night. A gallon of water in case you run low on coolant. And don't forget a long sleeve shirt to protect your arms from heat and other clothes from getting dirty."

Shane Ely Store Manager

Air pressure in heavy duty trucks.

If you have a heavy duty pickup truck that is carrying loads be sure to watch your air pressure. The door panel will tell you the proper air pressure. For example in some trucks like the F250 XL 4X2 it calls for 60 psi in the front and 80 psi in the rear. If you rotate the tire and don’t check the air pressure you will have 80 psi in the front and 60 psi in the rear and the vehicle will tend to wander on the road and there will be excessive heat build up on the rear tires. The tires can only carry their maximum load with the proper air pressure

Submitted by:

Chris Adlawan Store Manager


Changing your oil & filter, and having a qualified technician inspect your car on a regular basis, is the foundation of good vehicle care & service. Next to tire pressure, it is the single most important thing to do! A customer of mine had been visiting one of our competitors for his "Oil Changes" when he was towed in because it would not start. The engine had sized up because his oil filter was clogged up and very old. When we asked about the last Lube, Oil & Filter service, he presented a series of receipts from the "Quick" oil change place. Not one receipt had a filter on it, they had simply changed his oil! This was a very expensive (and unnecessary) lesson. In addition, Using the right Weight of oil in today's cars is more critical than ever. The wrong oil can clog small oil passages and create an emission system failure or worse, an internal mechanical failure. For these and many more reasons, I recommend you take it to professionals and let them do it right. It will save you time, money, and aggravation in the long run.
2. Check your tire pressures (including the spare).
3. Check your fluid levels
4. Repair the reason a dashboard warning light turns on
5. See a Ted Wiens Store if you don’t know how to do 1-4.

Submitted by:

Carl Kerns Store Manager